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About me

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Hi! My name is Jakub Stanski. I am a graphic designer from Warsaw based in Berlin.
I graduated Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz with Master of Fine Arts in Graphics. During 18 years of my professional career I was creating graphics for print and digital for both: commercial and cultural purposes. I started from working as junior designer and got promoted to creative team manager. Now I am leading shopper marketing projects for multinational corporations. I’ve been working in digital graphic studios, printing houses, bigger and smaller advertising agencies and I have collected many valuable experiences through all these years. The latest professional work gave me wide shopper marketing knowledge on expert level, also the BTL advertising. I am fluent in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and desktop publishing.
Privately I’m involved in alternative music scene which I always support with my work and creativity. I am interested in contemporary art and 70’s punk rock music. In my free time I enjoy learning languages (English, Deutsch) and running. I am vegetarian since 1996.

Languages: English, Polish, German and Czech.